Have you ever glanced at a dress that didn't have any logo or label on it? What was your first impression?

More often than not, you probably thought that it was second-hand clothes or at the very least made with low-quality materials.

In this extremely competitive world brand identity plays a crucial role in the success of any business. Alongside useful and beautiful products you need to create a brand with which your future customers want to identify with. Building a brand identity takes time and a lot of energy but the first and most impactful way to make your business stand out is to create a logo that reflects your values and the message you want to send.

The logo needs to be displayed on all your garments most commonly in the form of custom clothing labels. For this reason, taking the time to first design a logo and then make quality custom clothing labels is an investment that will have a long-lasting impact on your business.

Since at Labeloom we specialized in the production of custom clothing labels, let's see together in more detail what are the advantages of having them on your garments:


Custom clothing labels add value to your products and make them look more professional. By having a printed or woven label on your garments you are telling the world that you take pride in your work and put a lot of effort into every piece you create


Custom clothing labels help you build brand awareness and make your products more recognizable. By having a logo label on your garments people will start to remember your brand and associate it with the values that you represent.


Clothing labels are a great way to make your products unique and stand out from the competition. By customizing your labels you can create a look that is totally unique and reflects the personality of your brand.

Start making your custom clothing labels with us! Small order quantities for great-looking labels

March 07, 2022 — Gabriele Limonta