Custom woven labels are an essential component of branding and product identification for various industries. These labels go through a meticulous manufacturing process that involves several stages, including design, software implementation, weaving, and post-production tasks such as cutting and packaging. In this article, we will delve into the flow of manufacturing custom woven labels, providing insights into each step of the journey.


  1. Design Phase: The journey of manufacturing custom woven labels begins with the design phase. At this stage, clients work closely with designers or utilize specialized software to create a unique label design. The design can incorporate logos, brand names, symbols, and other desired elements. Once the design is finalized, it serves as the blueprint for the subsequent stages of the manufacturing process.

  2. Software Implementation: After the design phase, the label design is translated into a digital format compatible with computerized weaving machines. This involves converting the design into a specific file format, such as a vector file, which ensures scalability and accurate representation during the weaving process. Specialized software is used to manipulate the design, define color palettes, and specify the desired dimensions of the label.
  3. Weaving in the Machine: With the digital design file ready, it is time to move on to the weaving stage. Advanced computerized weaving machines are employed for this purpose. The weaving process involves intricate interlacing of threads to create the desired design. The machines are programmed to follow the digital design file precisely, weaving the threads in the specified colors and patterns. The resulting woven label starts taking shape as the threads intertwine and form a cohesive fabric.

  4. Post-Production: Cutting and Packaging: Once the weaving is complete, the woven labels undergo post-production tasks, including cutting and packaging. In the cutting phase, the woven label fabric is carefully separated into individual labels using specialized cutting machines or tools. Precision is crucial here to ensure clean edges and accurate dimensions for each label.


Following the cutting stage, the labels proceed to packaging. Depending on client preferences, the woven labels may be packaged in rolls, sheets, or individual units. Packaging can involve various methods, such as heat-sealing, folding, or placing the labels in protective sleeves or boxes. The packaging phase also includes quality control checks to ensure that the labels meet the desired standards and specifications.

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May 25, 2023 — Gabriele Limonta